Price Guide

Every system is unique and, as so, there are countless options available to each enquirer. Some options will be determined by the reason for purchase; others by the cosmetic requirement, also the environment and level of use will have a say.

It is worth noting that, often, the cheaper the system, the more expensive it is to maintain and service. Also, the life expectancy of the system is at risk if shortcuts are made throughout the design and installation process.

Please be aware when looking into comparable pricing, you rarely get a true cost comparison even when you think you have a like for like quote. The same line drawing of a gate can be made in different ways and this can affect the cost dramatically. Also a large part of the system is unseen when installed and these items will have a direct effect on the reliability and the life of the system as well as the cost.

In principle, there is almost no end to the complexity we can build into an automated system. In reality, it is often the available budget that decides how simple or complex the system will be.

Average Costs
Stage Works Low average £ Normal average £ High Average £
1 Preparation work, i.e. drawings & modifications, planning, etc. Existing 800 2000
2 Groundwork and power supply, i.e. ducting & civil works, etc. Existing 700 2000
3 Gates & barriers. Physical stops. Costs vary according to size, style, material, construction and environment. Existing 3000 10000
4 Type of operation, i.e. visible, under gate, etc. 3500 3500 6000
5 System controls & equipment, i.e. gate command, sagety cover, miscellaneous equipment, access control, CCTV, etc. 1500 2000 5000
6 Other associated items, i.e. bollards, railings, etc. TBA
Total average Cost  £5,000 £10,000 £25,000+