Access Control

Oxford Gates and Automation can help you chose the right Gate Entry System to fit your requirements.

An automatic gate system is only as good as its opening devices. It is important that your gate is open when you want it to be, closed when you want it to be and most importantly doesn’t close when you are in the way.

Video Intercom Systems

The same as the standard intercom system with the added advantage of a video monitor on the phone showing an image of the caller at the gate.

Infra-Red Safety Beam

Safety beams are an important part of a gate system. They can be used on their own or be combined with other devices to create a safe zone in the operating area of the gate.


Keypads are a secure alternative to pushbuttons and key switches. A code can be programmed and then allocated to gate users. If the code falls into the wrong hands then it can simply be changed to maintain security.

Wireless Intercom Systems

This system does not require a cable running from the gate to the house. It transmits the audio via a radio signal to a walk-about handset, which can conveniently be carried with you around your property.

Intercom Systems

Simple and cost-effective. This allows a caller at the gate, to speak to you via a fixed handset in your house.

Remote Controls

Designed to fit in your pocket or on your keys, our remote controls look good and are easy to use. They come with four buttons as standard leaving you three spare buttons which could be set to open your garage door or hold you gates open.